1. Lecture request / Individual activation seminar

Improve human resource development and “the creation of successful stores”.

Seminars are tailored to individual companies covering various issues, for both staff and top-level management.Example: 90 minutes / 150,000. 120 minutes / 200,000 (Transportation costs not included)

How a company should exploit the present conditions of the food service industry for a direction for the future.

What is the main difference between a successful shop and an unpopular shop? What must you continue doing actively on site?

“A way of thinking and attitude towards work” to motivate and up the morale of staff.

Management techniques for manager training and field leaders.

Learn how to create business plans for restaurants,how to proceed with interior decoration design and kitchen design.

Seminars are tailored to issues experienced by individual companies. Seminar content is adjusted for field staff and HQ staff respectively too meet the demands of each interest group.

2. Active shop diagnosis

●Investigation expense, Kanto area: 150,000 yen (Diagnosis report /document creation), tax not included

●Investigation dining charge, actual cost

●Transportation expenses vary by area/region

【activated diagnosis item of the shop】

(1)For businesses experiencing lack of sales growth

 Guidance and advice of activated techniques based on an analysis of the current sales slump.

(2)Low employee moral and motivation

 By consulting with the staff members individually, we can grasp the current mental status and implement a fast action plan to improve morale.

There is also a separate 3 month follow up plan to ensure success. For more information (regarding our seminars, methods, 3 month follow up system etc) and pricing details, please contact is using the form below.

(3)Measurement of flow line efficiency and review improvements.

 Consultation of kitchen and interior renovation.
  After diagnosing the present conditions through an operation check, we will advise of an appropriate improvement method.

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