Planning and Development of Food Service Businesses

AFD CONSULTANTS works with restaurants, hotels, resort facilities, theme parks. We offer consulting services for planning development, store design etc.

We coordinate various specialists to create everything from menu design to the concept of the store. Everything from the early planning stages to final execution is meticulously considered.

AFD CONSULTANTS helps food service businesses develop by expanding project work while coordinating specialist businesses to deal with planning, development, environmental design and project policies, right up to store opening guidance. We will continue to strive to exceed the success rate of our clients’ food service businesses.

1) Basic concept development   2) Product development   3) Interior design   4) Kitchen design

5) Operation system      6) Cost control system   7) Training system   8) other

Kitchen Design /Kitchen Design consulting

We put ourselves in the client’s situation and perform all duties required before the opening of a food service business, including making a basic plan (including seating) of commercial kitchens contacting supplier for kitchen appliances, negotiate to get the client the most competitive bids, and help with the inspection of the facilities.

As for the positioning of the kitchen in the food business, effectiveness and functionality can always be improved upon.

The significance of a good kitchen design is to create structure for smooth operation of the restaurant. Furthermore, by carefully reviewing the service flow and movements by the operators (employees) we can determine the best use of the environment, improving productivity and ease of work for employees involved.

AFD CONSULTANTS advice consists of a basic plan that is based upon previous studies that have proved successful. On top of that, we specialize and accommodate each business’s individual needs to achieve a perfect fit. Furthermore, based on the know-how of the European hygiene standards, we will be able to promote a better quality business with more precision.

Franchise business consulting

For the person thinking “I’d like to expand my business from now on”
or “I want to draw up a plan for a franchise”, we open doors to a new way of creating new business outside of conventional methods.

At AFD CONSULTANTS, we coordinate with various specialists from the construction of FC (franchise chains) to the development based on past processes and analyze various options for ultimate project success.

●Interview and research ●Staff meeting
●Outsourcing contracts ●Store inspection
●Project orientation/policy decision ●Reconstruction of know-how
●Advice and adjustment for decisions of basic policy ● Construction of FC system
●Condition for FC system business expansion Check/Establishment of the format ●Construction of FC organizational structure
●Establishment of business concept ●Establishment of administration headquarters
– Management philosophy ●FC investment and profit and loss calculation plan
– Management visions ●Operations manual preparation
– Corporate strategy – Store administration / cooking manual
●Basic business design – Manager duties & training manual
– Trademark – Store management manual
– Decision of the organization – SV manual
– Product service strategy – Sales promotion
– Production distribution/Management system – Opening manual
●Planning and development test store – FC contract manual
●Proposed environment and kitchen system ● Start of full-scale FC development
●Design implementation ●Franchise briefing session
●Contractor mediation/Estimate adjustment ●Publicity design planning
●Employee training ●Establishment of sound strategic management
●Store guidance OJT